Celebrities women are sometimes taken a photo unless they don't want.I mean, Women are taken a photo their leg or genitalia by correspondants.Is there any word to say this? We say this freekick(to give freekick) in turkish? I looked far magazines but I couln't find anything.
I can think of no specific idiom beyond 'illicit photographs'.
thanks but i need native speaker's comment
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MrM is a native speaker.

you say "mrm" ? Please explain

I didn't write 'mrm'. I wrote 'MrM'.

ie short for Mr. Micawber

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I dont still understand what's concern the answer with my question?
I gave you a native speaker's comment: I can't think of any specific idiom other than 'illicit photographs'. You thought I was Japanese. We have cleared that up, I hope (though my hope is thin).
sorry but you've written Yokohama So I guess you're a japan
thanks for your comment
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