Take a taste?

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I have heard "get a taste (of)" and "have a taste (of)". But not once have I heard "Take a taste".
I googled the phrase and I did see some 'believeable' sentences. But when I input "take a taste idiom" the list of sources redirected me to online dictionaries but the previews showed me the words take and taste not in succession.


Can we use "Take a taste!" when we (want to) offer somebody a bite of our food?

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lagatawQuestion:Can we use "Take a taste!" when we (want to) offer somebody a bite of our food?Thanks

I don't think so.

You can use

Would you like a taste?


(Do) you want a bite?
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When offering food, "take a taste" is possible but nowhere near as common (in my experience) as "have a taste".

"get a taste (of)" is more often used in the sense of "get experience (of)"; for example, "Here you can get a genuine taste of Mexican culture"; "I did work experience for a week to get a taste of what the job was about".
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