Good day,
i have problem, i now not how take away spots of egg. it is because that my little freind justine she has eat eggs and she not like d it and she is ill with eggs and she vomit egg everywhere, on bed on tishirt on carpet.
and i she gaved espinardch to she but she is ill also with the espinards and the spots of spinard are everywhere also.
I know not how take away the spots, and the spots they braethe badly, and the time it is very very very hot.
Is that some body that know that what i can to do?
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threepod you are so funny, why do you give egg to the hamster??? you must not, that is not kind for her!!! Emotion: smile

sylvie b
Good day, slyivie
i say already! I give eggs because that that is that persons eat in england at brekfest. You not remember? You have a littel head, sylvi!
and now i have more problem, because that the persons at london eat saussage also, so i give justine saussage and she ill this night.
So now how is it that i take away spots of sauusge?
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Is little Justine really a hamster? Pleeeease, do not give her eggs and sausages. Try carrots, cucumbers, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), probably some cheese. Hamsters should also have a fresh twig at hand for their teeth.
As for the spots, I guess you should ask for some detergent in the shop.
Good luck!
More a guinea pig Miche.

Threepod included a link to a photo of Justine in a previous thread.
(missing image)

Hope Sylvie and Threepod don't mind me sharing this again?
Thank you, rwiles, for enlightening me.Emotion: smile
This little poor thing is very cute!
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Good day Michel, you know justine is not hamster, she pig of guinee, riles has reason, ha ha!
But you look know the eating of pigs of guniee, and justine she eat the same thing that me, so at london i know not what she go eat? I know not so i go at london, justine she likes not the eating of london, i have try and she is ill.
And, sylvie, justine is NOT a hamtser!!!! you not listen me? She is a pig of giunea, no a hamster! The hamters they have not long hairs fluffy, they are all small, they are not so intelligents that justine.
We don't just eat sausage and eggs in London Threepod!

I'm sure you could find something Justine would like to eat in London. Do you always eat the same thing as your Guinea-pig?
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