I have recieved a mail from a very nice guy (whom I met recently in real life, and this was our first mail), and he wrote instead of the usual "Take care" "Take great care" .

What does that mean? Is it just the same meaning then the usual "Take care" ,or means this more?

Can anybody help? It is immediately, I am quiet helpless because...well... I am as shy as he is, and I am not familiar with the british language and behaviour so far. Does it mean "more"?

Would be great if somebody can help me.

Thanks a lot,

Hello Persephone.

It means the same. He is perhaps trying to be a little individualistic-- or expressing a certain fondness for you already.
Hi Persephone,

Welcome to the Forum.

You have to look at what else he said in his email, and how he was when he talked to you, in other words at the context.

However, I think you could reasonably see the 'great' as showing some extra affection and attention. So, it's encouraging!

Good luck, Clive
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Mr.Micawber and Clive:

Thank you so much for your help! It is encouraging, indeed.

Well, know comes the hard bit of how to reply to his message, I don`t want to lose him as a friend ( in the case I was wrong with the feelings which I hope he has for me).

British behaviour/kindness or real feelings (affection) are hard to tell for me-and after all, I m too involved to see clear.

Thank you again fo the help, you made my day :-))) Maybe I have to ask some new questions in the future, hope you won`t get bored.

Have a nice day,

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