Does "take (some) time out" and "take (some) time off" mean the same?

It seems "out" means "off" ,sometimes. Why?


In some sports, they 'take a time out'. That means they stop the game for a period of time, and then they continue. Thats's really the meaning of the phrase, eg I took time out from my trip to sit and look at Niagara Falls for two hours.

'Time off' means 'time when you are not doing something'. It often refers to work. eg I took time off work because my brother was coming to visit me.

Best wishes, Clive
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I think they are quite different and the difference is, when you say timeoff it means u r taking some time out of your busy day and your not going to get back to it very soon but in timeout u take some rest and carry on with it .

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