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When /why do we use taken and not took?
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AstarWhen /why do we use taken and not took?

First, we don't know exactly what your questions is because it is quite vague. If you can't distinguish a past tense verb from a past participle, it is likely that you may not understand the explanations anyway. So I suggest that you "take" a little time to study the verb "take", and then make a few sentences with "took" and "taken". We will go from there.
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(1) "Taken" is the past participle of "take." (take/ took/ taken)

(2) We use the past participle:

(a) after the auxiliary verb "have:"

(i) I have already taken that class.

(ii) She has already taken her kids to school.

(iii) We had taken the wrong road, so we had to turn around.

(b) in the passive:

(i) I take my coffee with cream. = My coffee is taken with cream.

(ii) She took the last piece of pie. = The last piece of pie was taken by her.

If you have further questions, please feel free to post them here. Thank you for your question.
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Thank you ver much
hi, can you help me...

which one is correct:

1. if you find my cat please let me know; or

2. if you found my cat please let me know

thank you
Both are possible. #2 suggests that the cat has been found; #1 suggests that it has not. #1 is the usual, I suppose.
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Nice answer. Thank youEmotion: smile
hi.. the first one is correct.
1. If you find my cat please let me know; or
2. If you found my cat please let me know.

Thank you.

Anon, you are not texting, so remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and insert the correct punctuation marks.
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