A lot of my friends from Australia (many from the Brisbane area) tend to say 'Speak to you later' more often than 'Talk to you later,' or at least so I feel, when we part or finish our conversation on the phone while my friends from U.S. tend to say 'Talk to you later' more.

Is it just me, or is there any regionality out there concerning the two phrases, used for when you part? How about the other areas? Do British English speakers tend to use one or the other more often when parting?

My best,

No doubt there is, and idiolect enters into it as well. Sorry, Hiro, and nothing personal, but this is certainly among the most trivial questions I have ever bothered to answer. It is not worth thinking even once about.
Hiro, I hope all is well with you and your family. I did not remember you being too close to the coast. This is Scott from California. To answer your question, it's "talk to you later" in the US. I cannot speak for the Ausies.