Here is the email I sent to HR manager of a reputed company. In this email I used "talked" instead of "spoke". Could you please verify if this is correct & let me know the reason for using "talked" or "spoke" in this context.


Dear Steve,

Due to family emergency, I went to India. I will be back in 3 weeks.

I talked to the Interview Panel team and expressed my situation & they were fine with that.

I am willing to take the offer. Please let me know your contact number & convenient time so that I will give a call to you.

I will be available through email for any further communication.



It's correct in my opinion.

Considering talked to/with and spoke to/with,

I think that "talked" has more of a sense of conversation than "spoke" does. That is, it suggests a meeting of the minds.

However, "spoke" would not be incorrect, especially since you have specifically stated that there was a meeting of the minds. But in either case, I think I'd be inclined to use "with."

There have been other threads on this subject, and they always seem to generate a lot of controversy as to the differences in usage.
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"Talked" is used when one has a conversation. talked imply that more words was used back and forth resulting in a conversation. I.e " Tim and i talked, he feels bad and will not do it again"
"spoke" is when it's one sided and you're telling someone something/info. I.e "I spoke with Tim, he won't do that again"

But that being said, you have to take into consideration regional dialect. some see "talked" as aggressive/ much stronger word than "spoke" what seems to be softer in the tone. in you're email i would have put spoke due to delivering info about the situation. what i did pick up on was.. "so that I will give a call to you." should be "so that i can call you." only time you would say "give a call" is when you are instructing someone to telephone someone then it would be "give (name) a call" hope this helps

'Talked' is used if you or the person is getting across their thoughts or ideas.

'Spoke' is if its a two way conversion