I'm talking with my baby in a English, is this sentence is correct?

1. Please empty your feeding bottle.

I want to ask my baby if she got full with 4 ounces of milk, what is the right question?

Your baby isn't going to care about proper grammar. It's the sound of your voice that's important.

You may have heard something like this in my household: There's a good girl. Drink it up. Is it yummy? Were you a hungry girl? You must have been. Yes, that's right, make it all gone. Did you get enough? You did? Good girl.

It's not the most exciting conversation and tends to be one-sided, but they didn't care what I was saying. (Don't forget the burp!)
Once when I was taking care of my friend's cats, I went in and checked the food dish and said to the cat "Oh, you made all gone yesterday!" My daughter thought that was about the funniest thing she had ever heard. Emotion: cat
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