Here are two questions make me confused.

1. Veronica is the tall____ (taller or tallest) of the two girls.[Write the adjective in its correct form]

2. The greengrocer gave Robert and ___ a pear which I ate. [Provide correct pronoun]

one teacher said "tallest" for the first and "I" for the second, the other teacher said "taller/tallest" both are right for the first and "I" for the second.

but I think "taller" for the first and "me" for the second.

Could you please reply for this with some detail explanation???

Thanks in Advance....

Peter Kim.
Hi PeterKim

Welcome to English Forums! I though teachers in Australia spoke English.Emotion: smile

Sentence 1: Since there were two girls, the comparative should be used (taller).
Sentence 2: You can't say the greengrocer gave I a pear. Consequently: gave Robert and me a pear.

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most people say that taller is the one for two people.