Hi guys!!!

I'm taller than he.

I'm taller than him.

I'm taller than he is

1) Are all these sentences gramatically correct?

2) Is one of them more formal than the others?

3) Which one is more used in spoken English?

I would appreciate your valuable answers.


I have never heard the first sentence. So I think it's not correct.

The 2nd sentence is mostly used in spoken English. And the 3rd one is more formal than the 2nd, so it's used in writing.

I hope it can help you Emotion: wink

I don't recall hearing the sentence "I am taller than he is." Maybe someone can comment on this.

He is taller/shorter than me/my sister.

My question:

Should I place the period inside the quotation marks?
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I am taller than he/him. With 'he' it is formal.
I am wider than i am tall.

BelieverHe is taller/shorter than me/my sister.
I would use I instead of me. Which one is correct? Both?
Is someone posting this question all over the place?
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Anyway, see the answers to this identical posting:
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