Hi again group,

What does it mean when a female says Tally Ho to a male instead of saying good night or goodbye?

P.S. My name seems to be misleading people so....I am a male.

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Cambridge says: a shout made by a hunter who sees a fox

So be careful when you use it...
It does seem like an odd thing to say when saying goodbye to someone. Are you perhaps thinking of 'cheerio', which is 'goodbye' in BrE?

Cheerio, Clive
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"Tally Ho, and away we go!"

It seems this is more appropriate for starting an activity than for saying goodbye.

It was definitely Tally Ho.
Pieanne is right; it is the shout made by a hunter who sees a fox.

It is an expression used amongst the huntin' shootin' fishin' set, and may mean either hello or goodbye.
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tally ho is something you say as an encouragment before doing something difficult
It means goodbye and it is used in england
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