TAX FREE Secured English village K12 elementary junior high teaching job!
Northern TAIWAN!
-Secured Jobs : YES, teacher need to do a phone interview with school.
Salary & Benefits:
1) Salary NT$60,890 /month
2) End of contract Performance bonus : NT$60,000
3) Housing subsidy NT$ 5,000 every month
4) NT$80,000 Airfare reimbursement
5) 10-work-day annual leave with pay, which should be taken within the summer vacations.
6) Nation laborer insurance and health insurance Provide, only $5 USD to get your teeth cleaned! teacher is required to enroll in the National Health Insurance Policy and the Labor Insurance Program, and is obligated to pay, in accordance with the laws, at his/her own expense, a portion of the insurance premium in an amount equal to 35% of the total premium charged to him/her under the National Health Insurance Policy.
7) Teacher will have a NT$2 million accident insurance paid by the school.
8) Contract period: from Feb 2011 to end of Dec 2010.
9) Working week: Mondays to Fridays
10) Teaching Hours: 25 teaching classes per week
11) Working hours: AM 08:30 ~ PM 16:30 or AM 08:00 ~ PM 16:00
12) Student's age: 7~16 (elementary level and Junior high)
13) Size of class: 25~38 kids.
14) Work permit & alien resident visa (ARC): school will help you apply for it.

In this program, There's a total of two elementary schools and 1 junior high school - the teaching hours will be close to 22~25 teaching hours per week, and there will be about 10~12 hours to teach junior/High school standard class, which is what most teachers want, and the rest 10~12 hours is to teach the English Village program (Role Play teaching), and for this Role Play teaching, the students will play the role of Elementary school G5 level students.

Please send an email to the author to find out about the application process.
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I am a foreigner from Malaysia. Specialised in teaching 1119 English and Cambridge Press book series. Am I eligible for this position? I am a Mass Com graduate from Curtin University of Australia with almost 5 years of teaching and copywriting experience. Kindly leave a note to me so that I wont waste my time on applying something that I am not qualified for. Thanks