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The table compares the proportion of spending on healthcare in five different countries in the year 2002.

It is clear that the percentage of GDP spent on overall healthcare was highest in France and lowest in Italy. Overall, people in five given countries spent more money on public healthcare than on private healthcare.

We can see that the proportion of spending on total healthcare was highest in France, at 13% of GPD, followed by the USA, with 12.5%. By contrast, Italians spent only 9% of GPD on healthcare services, and the figures for people in Japan and Germany were slightly higher, at 10% and 11% of GDP respectively.

In the same year, France had the higest percentage of spending on public healthcare, at 8.5% of GDP, where as the USA had a higher figure for private healthcare, at 5% of GDP, than any of the other countries. On the other hand, Italians were the lowest spenders, with only 3% of GDP for private healthcare and 6% for public healthcare.

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