Some children spend most of their free time taking part in clubs and other planned activities. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Today most of the parents think that their children should have many free-time activities, such as classes out of school time, joining sports clubs and many other curricular. Children often feel that they do not have any leisure time activity. In my opinion it has both advantage and disadvantage.

There are many advantages to taking part in extracurricular classes. First of all, when children fill up their time with one of activity, they can understand that neither what they like and what they dislike. Also they find their way for studying their favorite field and suitable job for their future. The second one is that they can learn and experience team working. The third is that they can be sociable in this way because they communicate with their peers and develop their sociable skill and make many friends. And maybe one of the important reason is that they can fill their time with useful activity instead of waste their time and getting into trouble and their parents can be sure that their children are not in danger of bad situation.

On the other hand, it could be dangerous for children to join different classes which they do not like them and join them because of their parent's force.
It can lead to many serious mental and health problems such as depression and their character will remain under develop. In addition, they need free time to play freely and use their imaginations. Also they have stress when they run from activity to other activity.

To sum up, although it has many advantages, it's impossible to ignore disadvantages. It needs to have balance to be useful.

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