Hello teacher, this is my first task-2 essay in the IELTS test. I know that it has several mistakes, please help me to check and correct my essay. I really appreciate the precious time that you spend on my essay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My answer:

Under the demands for communication of people, the technical researchers and engineers always put all efforts into this specific domain, especially into the development of image such as photos or films. These days, it is considered to gradually dominate the market share as its powerful properties in comparision to the original written word by a group of people. From personal perspective, however, both of these ways have their own advantages and drawbacks.

A 10-second film can transmit mostly the information in more than 5 pages of novel, said Shinkai Makoto – a famous Japanese animator and filmmaker. This sentence fully demonstrates these advantages brought by image. Image, especially film, is the fastest way to transmit the writer’s ideas to other people. In addition, the elusive details are easy to be described through photograph or film that written words are hard or unable to do. Also, most of people prefer to watching with the assistance of modern sound system to original reading because they find it is easy to recall the memories related to movie scenes that bring them a rush of joy or sorrow.

Even having these above advantages, in several situations, the image can not replace the appearance of the written word. For instance, a movie adaptation of a famous light novel may hard to receive critical acclaim because the actors do not describe the same emotions as the characters, or the movie does not contain some small but crucial details in the original novel. As a result, the success of a movie strongly depends on the filmmakers, actors, or the sound system.

In conclusion, watching the image or reading the written word is just a choice, and the decision-making strongly depends on several factors due to a personal situation. The combination of these ways is a most suitable way to utilize both the original and modern information sources.

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