Some people think that more money should be spent on protecting endangered species while others think it is a waste of valuable money.

What is your opinion?

Some people believe that more funds should be allocated to projects protecting endangered species. However, I completely disagree with this proposal for the reason that endangered animals will eventually die out no matter how much we try to protect them. Additionally, other significant problems, particularly world hunger, should be addressed first.

First, saving animals from extinction is futile since dying out is part of the natural cycle of life. In other words, even if we intervene, animals that are not fit to survive will eventually become extinct. For instance, the Australian government almost 80 years ago funded a campain to save the Tanzmanian Tiger, a marsupial indigenous to the country. However, even with the millions of dollars used up in this project, the said animal eventually became extinct.

Second, I would argue that protecting endagered species is not a significant problem and that the world as we know it will continue to thrive without these creatures. The money that would have been used in such endeavours could be given instead to fight off what is important at this time. According to the World Health Organization, presently, the most serious problem in the world is hunger. A lot of people are dying due to lack of food and human life is, without a doubt, more important than any animal.

In conclusion, we should not intervene in the natural process of extinction and allow animals to survive on their own. Tackling the most important issues that we, humans, face should be our priority.

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