Task 2 - Family

Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. 
What are the reasons? Is this a positive or negative trend?

As can be seen in modern society, delaying childbearing to later in life is on the increase. My assertion is that this universal phenomenon is attributable to a number of factors, and its positives outweigh its demerits.

There are two compelling reasons for late childbirth nowadays. The first extrinsic factor is the hectic schedule and enormous workload that young adults have to incur. In addition, certain occupations, such as actress and flight attendant, do not allow women the chance to ensure adequate quality time with their families. The postponement of giving birth also becomes more prevalent given the escalation in the costs of living. My cousins are emblematic of struggling newlyweds in a way that they have to pay for the prohibitively costly accommodation and food, let alone raising a child.

Albeit late parenthood may have some shortcomings, they still pale into insignificance compared to its benefits. It is undeniable that women stand a chance of suffering from fatal diseases if they give birth at a higher age, but advancement in technology can now mitigate those risks. Besides, since it allocates parents more time to establish a stable financial background, they can offer their children high-quality education and excellent medical services. Another advantage is that the older people grow, the more hands-on experience and parenting provision they can gain. These skills apparently play a central role in shaping the personalities and physical conditions of their children.

By way of conclusion, job-related and financial difficulties are to blame for rendering young adults reluctant to giving birth early. However, late parenthood brings the benefits of having robust financial capabilities and adequate parenting skills, which generally outstrip the negatives associated with health issues as they can be minimized by medical advances.

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