Many people believe that scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.


Scientific research is not easily conducted, not to mention its effect is so immensely influential to people’s life. However, nowadays private companies start to be involved in these researches and even control the whole process. In my opinion, private organisations should not be encouraged to conduct scientific research because it contains unprecedented dangers. Therefore, I agree that carrying out scientific research must be in the hands of the governments.

On one hand, private companies are notoriously profit-driven. They might prioritize commercial value rather than the quality of the research. In detail, it is possible that they are willing to fake the results or manipulate the outcome in a way that benefits their profit the most. For example, some expensive drugs manufactured by private enterprises have poor quality but they are still released into the market with fake scientific tests so that those companies can maximize the profit. This can result in numerous dangers to the human body such as malformed births, different kinds of cancers or long-term influence.

On the other hand, since governments are non-commercial authority systems, they usually prioritize social consequences of the research. That means they will let dependable organisations that are under no commercial pressure and in the field of expertise, usually universities, carry out the research. Therefore, the result is more partial and less manipulated. Also, expenditure for conducting the research that is crucial to people's lives can get very desirable. Renewable energy, AI, carbon-free engines stick out to me.

In brief, due to the significant influence of scientific research on human life, it is vital to choose wisely who is capable, neutral and responsible enough to carry out it. Otherwise, it would create severe impacts on generations that are impossible to anticipate. For the reasons mentioned, I believe that governments should be favoured when it comes to conducting scientific research and private companies should have strict limits on carrying out any kind of research.

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