what is your attitude about piercings and tatoos and why do you think people get them?


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I have no problem with people getting or having tattoos though I wouldn't have one myself. They look alright at first but when you get older, they tend to smudge and lose their original form and look like someone has spilt some ugly dye on you. I nothing thing is that I HATE needles so it's even less likely for me to get one.
As for piercings, again I wouldn't have one. Having too many looks bad but one here or there is fine.
I personally dislike tattoos or piercings. I know they are quite in but don't find them appealing at all. I don't think i would ever have a tattoo or piercing myself either. Woody did you know that i loathe needles as well?
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There are some tatoos that I find beautiful, in fact some of them are real pieces of art. But I'd never get a tatoo... (well, that's a lie cause actually I had a small butterfly on my belly when I was younger, but it disappeared in about three days... Emotion: big smile ) Piercings are something that I don't like at all, they don't make you look prettier, only scarier... especially when you pierce your bellybutton or nipples or... well, you know. Obviously everyone has the right to do whatever they want, I just find piercings disgusting Emotion: stick out tongue .
I find it amusing that so many people have these utterly trendy and popular affectations
applied to their bodies in the name of unique, nonconformist self-expression.

Until recently youthful fashion victims only had to change their clothes
or their hairstyles to escape dreadful style choices and silly appearances.

Now, with piercings and tatooings, things are more complicated.

Most people regret their tatoos years after getting them.
Many people pay a lot of money to have them painfully removed.
Tatoo removal will be a huge business in ten to twenty years.

Removing piercings is much easier, you just remove the jewelry and the skin grows back.

Should I care what anybody does to their own body? Well, I don't.
Depending on which kind of tatoos.

The Easter Island tatoos are extremely beautiful, just lines composing draws, not filled with ink, just lines.
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I hate needles too, and everything that is sharp. I even think that I have a phobia about those sharp things. Anyway what do you call this kind of phobia? Does it even have a name?
Back to the question, the answer is obvious: I wouldn't have one myself Emotion: smile and I just don't understand why people want to hurt themselves just to look cool.
Orpheus, it's called Aichmofobia. I think all phobias have strange names...
Thanks Charlotte.
I think all phobias have strange names...

yeah, and I think they have a name for any kind of phobiasEmotion: smile
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