Greetings from China!

Please take a moment to examine what we are offering.

Who are we?

The Volunteer Intercultural Project (VIP China) is run by the National Oral English Teaching & Research Bureau. We are the only agency authorized by the Chinese education system to place foreign English teachers. We are located in Beijing, China. Our mission is to advance the English communication skills of middle school students throughout China.

Who are you?

You are enthusiastic, a fluent English speaker, able to speak clearly and project your voice, able to listen, able to control a class of 60 well behaved but sometimes over excited and noisy students, able to give and to receive.

Who are your students?

‘Middle School’ covers the ages from early to mid-teens. The students typically have good theoretical knowledge of the English language but need to improve their spoken English.

What is on offer?

Three month contract, renewable if you wish, or you can try another area of China. Easy, enjoyable, and rewarding work. To be part of a real Chinese community. A unique opportunity to explore this great country.

Where will you teach?

VIP China offer a greater choice of school locations, more than any other comparable agency, ranging from remote villages to bustling urban centres. In some cases, you will be the first foreigner that the students have ever seen! Perhaps Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Yunnan, or Guizhou appeals to you.

We offer an extraordinary chance, for adventurous individuals to make a real contribution to intercultural understanding, while greatly advancing their own growth. The beauty and variety in China is beyond words. You will be immersed in the colourful lifestyles of the local people and will join in with them.

We are always looking for teachers for the coming term, and to fill existing vacancies. If you would like to be treated like a superstar, while doing a noble deed, and even make some money, you have come to the right place!

Interested? Why not find out more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This is not just another job; it is a life changing experience!


Tel: +86 10 6252 9254; Fax: +86 10 6252 6791;

Mobile phone: 0086 10 13811973208(Goldwyn)

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I am a university student study in Shaanxi namal university, xi’an ,china,I agree with you .there are many excellent students in shaanxi, but their oral english is not very good, because of lacking a good circumstance for practising oral english p,so many students studied english for ten years ,but can’t open their mouth to speak, that’s terrible !then I hope our friends to come to china ,come to !welcome!