Today, TV channels provide men’s sport shows more than women’s sport shows. Why? Should TV channels give equal time for women’s sport and men’s sport?

Nowadays, when it comes to sports, games played by men are often showed more than women counterparts. Obviously, the huge number of audiences who watch men's sports might be the main r

On the one hand, the number of viewers watching men's sports considerably outnumber that of females. Therefore, TV channels broadcasting sports will receive more attention, advertising contracts, and sponsorship investments which gives them a huge profit from men athletes. For example, the Vietnam 30th Seagames football match got a wealth of audiences in many parts of the country and also the neighboring countries. In contrast, the figures for female counterparts were much lower even they had won 6 gold medals continuously in Seagames.

Nevertheless, TV coverage should not be biased towards men's sports which exerts controversial arguments among female athletes fans. This favoritism would exacerbate gender inequality, leading to serious conflicts and the loss of the true value of sports. Furthermore, there are going to have an unbalance of sexes in sportsmen because fewer women want to become athletes since they are being ignored and may not earning enough to cover their daily needs. However, women's sports are getting more attention recently, hence, television coverages should invest more in this sector in order to reduce gender discrimination and offer sportswomen opportunities to pursue their dreams without worrying about the incomes and inequity.

In conclusion, the majority of audiences watching men's sports is the main reason for this favoritism. Personally, I believe that there should be greater equality in the coverage of men's and women's sports.

eason for this. In my opinion, female athletes should be given equal attention to men.

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