What qualities should teachers have? What qualities do you value most in teachers?

A talented and experienced tutor,
a teacher by education and nature.

I read this on a post and I found it really interesting. Does anyone share my view?
I think teachers should be patient, knowledgeable about their particular subject, and good at illustrations and drawing comparisons to other things to help their students understand concepts. Also, they should be aware of their students' abilities and interests and challenge them to meet their potential without being too harsh or too lax.

I don't think formal training as a teacher is as important as talent as a teacher. Some people have had no formal training as far as how to be a teacher goes, but they've got natural talent that really goes a long way towards helping students progress. Experience definitely helps a lot in that respect.
Totally agree except for one thing: they should also be aware of their student needs. For example, let's say that a particular student has a problem with her pronounciation. If the teacher is aware of this need he wouldn't probable give her extra reading exercises but pronounciation exercises, although the student may be willing to do them all. The teacher should try to speak to this particular student as much as possible, obviously without impeding the normal rhythm of the class but reinforcing her pronounciation. What do you think?
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Oh, I totally agree with you. I didn't mean that teachers should ignore their students' needs. If they did, they wouldn't be good teachers! You have excellent points, and that is what I would do in that situation.
I'm going to be a teacher too.

I think teachers should be all that you have written already - knowledgeable, patient, understanding, supporting, aware of their students' needs, but they should also be able to react to different situations in the classroom and should also be able to correct their own mistakes - and I don't mean linguistic mistakes only. I know that I'm not such a perfect person and that there will be problems in the classroom - I just hope I'll be able to deal with them.
I'm very curious about something: what's your definition of "students' needs" in this context, please?

Another question: it's been said often, in these forums, that formal training is not really important when it comes to teachers in general and language teachers in particular.
Do you think that others professions could perhaps do without formal training too? You know I am a teacher, but let's say I'd like to change my profession and become an architect. Would you trust me with thebuilding of your house even when I don't have a degree? After all, I may have the necessary skills anyway.
Or perhaps I could be a surgeon tomorrow? Removing a gall bladder can't be that difficult.


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Students' needs vary from one student to another. I love learning by listening to songs and if I can't listen to them I feel there is a part missing in my learning process. What do you think about it?