I just saw something that made my blood boil. Some crackpot has started his own website -- www.englishteacherx.com -- and he makes all TEFL teachers out to be a bunch of drunken, incompetent cowboys. It's good to know that the high standards of the CELTA course will soon rid our profession of the likes of this bozo.

I'm really glad that sites like this exist where REAL teachers can share their views!
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I thought that we were a "bunch of drunken, incompetent cowboys" No seriously, that is a little harsh on the few of us who take our teaching seriously! I sometimes wonder what the world really thinks of TEFL teachers. A few months ago, there was an article in a local magazine saying basically that EFL teachers were "drop-outs" which I totally disagree with.
I'll drink to that! (b)
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No, seriously, it's so true. We get a lot of so called teachers turning up on our doorstep but who have never had any experience whatsoever. With the fact that they speak, they think they can teach it. There is absolutely incorrect. I think these are the cowboy teachers that are out to make some quick pesos (or dollars or yen or whatever) to finance a part of their world trip. These are the ones that give the real teachers a bad name. Whenever anyone comes to us looking for a job, we ask if they have a TEFL/CELTA cert and that quickly weeds the cowboys out. It is so much less training that has to be done when someone actually knows what they are doing. These other types of teachers are quite common here in many of the other institutes in Chile and when they don't perform, it gives the rest of the places a bad name.
I just had a quick look at that website (I won't repeat it's addy ... we don't want to discourage students do we), and I must admit I'm having trouble regaining my breath from laughing so much!! I found it side splittingly hilarious!!
I'm going back to read some more!!
I have just visited that site and i have added it to my favourites!
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There are actually some pretty good tips there for teachers new and old.
I just had a look at the site. It's pretty funny especially the cartoons. I know there are cowboy teachers out there but this is just a humorous look at English teaching in the world. Life shouldn't be taken so seriously. There is always a lighter side to everything.
I still value the CELTA cert but it doesn't mean you can't laugh at these things!
I don't mind admitting that I honestly haven't laughed so much for a REALLY long time!
Yeah, maybe I just don't get out much.
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