Hello, teachers!

I'd like to give you special thanks today.
May 15th is Teachers' Day here in Korea.
May all of you be always healthy and happy!
Thank you very much all the time.

From Korea
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Hello Jandi

It's nice you have Teachers' Day in Korea.
Here in Japan teachers are losing people's respects.

Anyway enjoy your Sunday-holiday to the full!

Just my luck-- Teacher's Day falls on a Sunday, when I have no students to bring me cookies or tea. Still, it's an excellent way to celebrate the occasion-- with a day off!
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Teachers' Day - what a brilliant idea! I think I will write to the Education dept. and suggest they look at this! Emotion: smile

UNESCO promotes "World Teachers' Day"

How about making EnglishForum Moderators' Day?
I'm ready to send you a bottle of the best sake I have if you have a party on that occasion.

I love sake, paco! (but then I like most stuff apart from beer and sherry!)[D]Could be difficult to post it to the forum though!
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Cyber-straws, maybe?
Cyber-snifters, please! Let us maintain a bit of decorum here.

And it is a shame you do not like sherry, Abbie-- I have just received a pipe of Amontillado in my vaults, that needs tasting...
A "pipe" of Amontillado? Doesn't that stuff come in casks?
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