Hi, teachers ♥.♥

I’ve just started to dictate an interview with Nick Clegg at Facebook.

You can watch the interview by following the link below, and it starts from 21:16.

My dictation is for the first 30 seconds of it, and I’m not sure whether I heard it right T.t

So teachers, could you check the colored parts for me?



Oh, no. I do, I know, I think with success comes responsibility, and with, with success comes accountability.

And I think it’s right for Facebook, given that though it’s a private company, in many ways we, we provide the platform on which so much societal and public debate and political debate now, now plays out.

And of course I think this is especially true in the highly polarized and fortened(?) environment in which a lot of these debates are now playing out in the United States in an election year.

And, and, of course, we’ll keep you well.

This is a time of great, great sensitivity.


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I think you mean "transcribe" and not "dictate".

highly polarized and fraught

of course, we're acutely aware

Why don't you transcribe something that doesn't sound like it was recorded on a potato in a bathroom?

Oh, thank you so much for your reply ♡

Yeah, I meant “transcribe”, and I’ll use the word instead of “dictate” from now on.

You mean he is saying stupid things?

Everybody is criticizing Facebook’s inaction over Trump’s post, so I wanted to hear why the management made such a decision, teacher Emotion: heart