Nowadays, homework is a controversial topic. Some people may find it useful and indispensable, while some may see it as unnecessary and disruptive. From my point of view, homework is indeed crucial for students, but teachers should also decrease the amount of homework given.
On the one hand, homework is an instrumental task that brings many benefits to students. Firstly, doing homework helps develop self-awareness, which is extremely important not only in studying but also in daily life. Homework teaches students how to be responsible for their parts in the educational process. When students are at home, they’re by themselves. Hence, students’ skills in searching information online or in time management will be developed. Secondly, homework helps teachers fully know which level their students are on. Through homework, teachers can know how much knowledge the students have acquired, their strengths and weaknesses. Then the teachers will be able to find the appropriate teaching method for the students, which may help reinforce or even widen the students’ knowledge.
On the other hand, having to do a large amount of homework can be really disadvantageous. First of all, too much homework can lead to students feeling stressed. Doing an excess of homework in a short period of time can be really exhausting and overwhelming for students and it may put them under a lot of pressure. This means students will have to stay up late and reduce the amount of sleep they get. As a result, their health will be badly affected, making students less motivated, unable to focus and pay full attention to their teachers in class due to tiredness and lack of sleep. Second of all, the anxiety of too much homework and no time for other activities, like spending time with friends and family, or playing a sport, can negatively impact students’ mental and physical health. This may result in their lack of social skills and so on. Students deserve time to participate in their outside of school activities in order to refresh their minds.
To sum up, teachers should give out a right and reasonable amount of homework so that students can consolidate their knowledge and have fun with their friends at the same time.


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