I am currently designing the handbook for teachers and students. The thing which bothers me is that some universities and schools have varied choice in placing either "Teacher's Handbook" or "Teacher Handbook". So which is the proper one? Kindly assist.
I think that the so-called prestigious schools would have to justify that, rather than poor maj.

I can only think of examples of the 's form: gardener's rake, captain's quarters, pilot's license.

I think that "Teacher handbook" is a lazy way to get around the whole "Teachers' handbook" issue.
The first one is most widely used.
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I do know that and it does sound proper, however, many prestigious schools use the latter. How can you justify that then...? =)
Because almost all books I have used have the first one. I don't think there is a clear cut rule about that. They might be used indistinctively.
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