Hi, teachers.

I picked a business news video for listening practice which is quite difficult for me.

Could you please answer my questions on it?💌💌💌

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(1💥)Positioning, um, for the dollar's been (2💥)well short (3💥)ins particularly against the euro have... hedge funds probably at record-long euro positions heading into the, the Fed meeting, and I think probably what's seen today is maybe a little bit of a profit-taking. Uh, (4💥)twimming some of those positions but, uh, indeed (5💥)market is still short, uh, that's uh definitely uh against the dollar, but that's uh that's Fed will be... continue its (6💥)dubish calls tomorrow.

(1💥)The word "positioning" or "position" is used a lot in this clip, but I don't understand what that means. Would you explain, teacher?

(2💥)What does "well" mean here? (I searched "short" on the Internet and got the meaning in finance!)

(3, 4, 6💥)Please please correct these.

(5💥)Why doesn't the reporter use any article here, teacher?


Ask an economist. Something to do with expectations of change. You have a position—you start the day's trading with a plan that will take advantage of predicted changes.



"adv. 5 : to a high degree"


The audio is so bad I can't tell what he says. It sounds like he's in the next room and I've got my ear pressed to the wall.




That is what it sounds like, but that is a use I am not familiar with, with no article. He might have said "the market", but it sounds like he is wearing a mascot head in a shower room with a mouthful of pizza, so I can't tell.

ANNE202still short, uh, that's uh definitely uh against the dollar

"still short, uh, the bets are definitely against the dollar"

ANNE202but that's uh that's Fed will be

"the bets are that Fed will be" He drops the article before "Fed", too. It could be that such omissions are an odd characteristic of his personal manner of speaking.

ANNE202(6💥)dubish calls

"dovish calls" Like a dove, meek. Traders normally speak of bulls (optimists) and bears (pessimists), but he has borrowed a duality from politics—doves (those who want peace) and hawks (those who want war).

Teacher, thank you so much for your reply.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude, for you gave me so many things in this post. By the way, my transcript is wrong in more parts than I expected😣 You said ask an economist, but your explanation is enough to help me interpret this news and so good. Your guesses about what he says and the explanation for that are helpful also, since I would never find the answer by myself. And you taught me the meanings of expressions clearly and simply that they feel easier than those in a dictionary. I’m so grateful and happy to learn English from you, and I think I became a bit more familiar with business news through your comment. Thank you, teacher🌹🌹🌹