To whom it may concern:

We are in the process of setting up an international kindergarten in Shanghai and Beijing.

We are seeking professional, creative and forward thinking Early Childhood Teachers who are interested in seeking long-term employment. This job is not suitable for those seeking short-term summer teaching in China.

Candidate(s) should posses any one of the following qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Masters of Education (Early Childhood), Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), Diploma Social Sciences (TAFE). Another equivalent degree will also be considered.

Candidate(s) should possess sound understanding of child development and ability to translate knowledge into practice.

Selected teacher candidate(s) will have control over a classroom/department for the entire academic year; develop teaching methods and selecting appropriate textbooks.

Teaching hours are the same as most private schools require, normal weekdays schedule. Other terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed in further detail upon selection of candidate(s).

Looking forward to a favorable reply from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

You don't leave any contact details. I am very interested in this position, I have a Bachelor of Social Science, which included a year in China. I speak Chinese as well. Please email me at [removed by a mod. Please add it in your profile.]
Kind regards

My name is Natasha, 24 years old female. Half Chinese and half American.
I am in Beijing at the moment looking for English teaching position within Beijing city. I am very much enjoy spending time with children because I have a little boy nearly 4 years old myself.
If you interested in my application or if there is any further information need, please contact me by replying my message or call me at: [no personal contact on this page please.] Email: [removed by a mod. Please add it in your profile.]
Thank you and looking forward to hear from you!

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Dear Ma’am/ Sir, It is with great pleasure that I am seeking a teaching position within your school district. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication.I believe that my instructional abilities combined with my strong interpersonal skills and work ethic would benefit your educational program.With my experience working at international schools, as well as in activities outside of the traditional classroom, I have a diverse background with much to offer.
I believe that education is very essential in molding the youth for a better future. As a teacher, I hope to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities and what truly inspires them. I aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to explore their capabilities inside the classroom and express their opinions while fostering confidence in order for students to realize their full potential.
Through my teaching experience, I have found the method of facilitating rather than dictating to be a highly beneficial style of teaching. I have learned that if students construct their own learning experiences, they will not only retain information but they will become more confident in their abilities.My desire to work with children is strong and I believe that once I join your staff, we will together discover my niche. Please contact me at your convenience if you find me qualified for the position. Sincerely,

Hazel May [no personal contact please]

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