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Dear sir/madam

I wish to apply to undertake the teaching of english language in your reputable institution.My name is Adikah Shadrack Kafui a successful student who just completed the college and live in the republic of Ghana.Ever since my college days my greatest dream is to teach my favourite subject , english language. UNTIL finally i came accross this advertisement , so i decided to chase my dreams . I wish my humble request will be granted.hope to hear from you soon
unable to access the website
could you please send me an alternate email and/or mobile number to the following address????
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Dear Siram currently searching for a foreign teacher for our school ( changha language school,Hunan province China)
if you are still available for employment please reply to my e.mail (personal contact removed by a mod. Register and add it in your profile)
i will get in touch with the offer after we see you resume andand teaching certificate/diploma
the students are from age 7 to 14years old and teaching time is 16 classes per week....
looking forward to hear from you soon
Helen Wang
i am currently tgeaching at shuzhou university esl courses - i wish to travel to guangzhou this summer and am interested in employment your fine establishment - i have a current work visa and foreign expert status - am also a college graduate and have 1 year graduate studies in literature with emphasis in research writing and teaching college composition - please reply with more information as to how to proceed with process of employment -

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I am looking for a teaching positon in Guangzhou, and am already living here.

I have taught in China for six years at various universities schools.

If your interested I can send you my resume.


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Dear Sir / Madam,

I am an English teacher newly arrive in China. I have 5 yrs of teaching mostly high school kids. I am currently in Gouangzhou on an L visa valid till March 2009. My Chinese cell number is [deleted]. I can deliver the goods. please kep in touch.
Mr. Divine Sangbong

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I am a teacher and our international kindergarten in foshan is looking for native english teacher.
If you are interested drop me a line

Dear Teacher,
My name is Mr.Valerii Dovzhenko from Ukraine but am
working as an Executive Chef in London.

I will be needing your services as an ESL tutor for my wife and daughter.

They just joined me here in UK last month so i will need you to tutor
them to enable them communicate in English because they will be having
language problem here in UK as they do not communicate in English

You can contact me by this same email so that we can discuss further
on this if Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">Email Removed

I will pay 4,000Uk Pounds per month

Our picture is attached on this mail.

I hope to hear from you.

Valerii Dovzhenko
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Hello Valeri Dovzhenko

I am a CELTA (EFL/ESOL) qualified teacher looking for work within the UK. I live near London and can travel into London easily. If you are interested in learning more about me then please register and start a conversation with me as all email addresses will be removed for safety from the posts here.

Should you me to send a CV and cover letter to you I would be happy to do so if you send details.

David Phillips