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We are in the process of setting up an international kindergarten in Shanghai and Beijing.

We are seeking professional, creative and forward thinking Early Childhood Teachers who are interested in seeking long-term employment, unlike most Engligh language teaching jobs required in China.

Candidate(s) should posses any one of the following qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Masters of Education (Early Childhood), Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), Diploma Social Sciences (TAFE). Another equivalent degree will also be considered.

Candidate(s) should possess sound understanding of child development and ability to translate knowledge into practice.

Selected teacher candidate(s) will have control over a classroom/department for the entire academic year; develop teaching methods and selecting appropriate textbooks.

Teaching hours are the same as most private schools require, normal weekdays schedule. Other terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed in further detail upon selection of candidate(s).

Yours sincerely,
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You don't leave any contact details. I am very interested in this position, I have a Bachelor of Social Science, which included a year in China. I speak Chinese as well. Please email me at <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>

Kind regards

I am Alex Asante Yeboah a Ghanaian english teacher, I have a deploma in english and have been teaching children for the past 5 years in Ghana.
I also have finished my first level in marketing and have a certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM-Uk, which is recognised worldwide. Can you give me your fax or email address to send you my resume, I am presently in China, in Guangzhou to be prescise and my phone number is xxx
If anyone wants to hire me my email address is <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>
Thanks a lot.
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I am currently working as a part time teacher in Singapore while pursing my degree in early childhood studies with University of Melbourne (international corresponding method). Prior to this, I have worked as a teacher in shanghai from the period of 1997 to 1999 and a vice principal in a private kindergarten in my country. In all, this is my 12th year in the early childhood services.

I would be completing my studies in October this year and is likely to visit Shanghai in early August to work on my final project. I am making plans to take up overseas assignment again to advance in my profession. Do keep me posted for job openings.

Contactable at: <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>

warmest regards,
Sandra Wan
Dear Joanne,
I am very interested to work with children. I am now currently in Dalian, China doing part time English-teaching job. I am an African with a Bachelors degree. My English is pretty good, and my pronunciation is quite clear.
I badly needed a job for the next term. Will you kindly consider me as I have little chance of finding a post with Chinese institutions as they all want native English speakers.
I hope for your kind consideration and prompt reply on this matter.

Respectfully yours,
Hi Joanne,

I am an American, college graduate with a degree in Chinese studies from a top liberal arts college. I have been in China for over a year and have a broad range of teaching experiences. Most of my experience is concentrated in early childhood education. I also have some experience in designing and carrying out my own cirriculum. Since I speak fluent Chinese, I could help you in many of the management and admistrative issues that will, no doubt, arise as you start your operation. I am interested in your school because I have seen many kindergaarten educational programs in Beijing and am anxiuos to try my hand in a leadership role in one of these institutions. I believe that together we could create a successful educational program. Contact me at <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>

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Dear Joanne,

My name is Sri and I have been teaching English for seven years. Although English is not my mother language, I have been studying English since I was eight years old and I graduated from Maranatha Christian University in 2000, English Department, the Faculty of Letters. I will be at Beijing Normal University (BNU) from September 1, 2004 for 10 months. I am eager to teach children in Beijing as I am very good at teaching children.

Please email me soon about the next procedure.
Email me at: <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>
Dear Joanne,

My name is Becky and from China, I am studying Master of education(early childhood) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. This is my second semester and I will finish the course in June of 2005. I am working here part time in Nola Lee Child care center. The information you posted absorbed me, I have a lot of interesting in that, thus I post a little bit background information about myself. I am planning to go back to China and find a job after I finsh the course. My English is good and my results of the units are distinction, thus please do not worry about my language and perfessional development.

My e-mail address is: <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>, if you have any question, please contact me.

Thank you!


Good morning, please tell me more about your vacancy for - teachers in Shanghai and Beijing.*** Date of commencement, I am currently working in the child care for least than a year. I am also pursing a Course in Diploma in Early Childhood - teaching. I have been a private tutor for more than ten years. teaching - English, Mathematics and Science for the primary level. I am able to speak fluent mandarin as I have had student from China for the past years.

Best Regards,
Evon Hor - Singapore
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