Hi ,

My name is Amyxu.I am working for a client in China seeking teachers for Government Schools(full time or part time both, at least working for us 6 months). What I am providing him is profiled candidates that I think can do the job well.

The process I follow is simple:

1. Collect CV, Photo and Cover Letters from candidates
2. Sort the information
3. Send a pre-interview form
4. Candidate returns form and we schedule online interview
5. I select those who would be fit my clients criteria
6. I then send the profiles to my client in China
7. Client selects the candidates
8. I inform the candidate and go over the contract details
9. Candidate agrees
10 Candidate processes papers
11 Candidate goes to Shanghai

Of course the final decision to select a candidate is up to my client but it is my job to source the right teachers for the client so he doesn't have to go through thousands of CV's only picking based on the CV's. I think it is very improtant the school and the teacher match. If you are looking for a specific kind of job that is not related to what the client is offering I maybe able to help or at least you can one more persons view point on teaching which never hurts.

If you are interesting in this job, please send the e-mail to me at <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>

Please note:We only want native english speaker and who already in China now.
Please also notice that Mr.Yao Jay and me works for the same company.but now he is change to other department.So if you are interested in teaching english in shanghai,China.please send e-mail to my e-mail address above.

Please note:we only want native english speaker who already in China now
Could you please give me more details.
<contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>
I am a Canadian, male 34 years old, 4 years exp teaching 13years and up here in Thailand. I am looking for 5 years or more with a good school and all documents provided with housing.
Thank you for your reply in advance.