Can anybody give me advice on how to teach English to a 5 year old. Once a week for one hour? I have noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo idea!!!

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Thanks for the advice, Conchita.

I heard that I should change activities every 10 minutes! Oh my gosh! I don't know how to handle it. Obviously, she is too young to read.

So, I guess make a lot of flashcards? Any ideas as to where to start?


Class 1: colors / shapes

Class 2: numbers

Class 3: animals

Is there a website with good lesson plans? This is hard!
The reading is to be done by you, of course.

Here are a couple of useful links (you'll find many more on Google):

http://www.eslflashcards.com /
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I have a problem with my 5 year old in learning numbers and alphabet. Maybe this site will help.

Literacy Center Education Network - Play & Learn English
I would recommend you to read books in english to your children and let your children watch movies in English (cartoons). These recommendations is no doubt the best since children have to be learnt and at the same time having fun.
Sorry for my bad English. English is my foreign language. (Correct my grammatical wrongs please)
Teaching a 5 year old kid English language has a positive and negative results. Positive because they can be easily corrected once they have an error in English pronunciation or understanding vocabulary, unlike adults who are stubborn in some ways. Negative too because once you as a parent or teacher who have no idea what startegy to use to teach, your in big trouble.
So...I suggest that you use colorful images, one with cartoons on it showing an action then explain it in English. Then use music and sing along with it together with an action, this could develop their listening ability too.Lastly try ESL for kids site http://www.mingoville.com this one is free I spent an hour exploring and indeed I think this might help worried parents and teachers.
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I have told the parents that I charge for the class, not the time! You cannot expect a five yr old to pay 100% attention the whole hour. Mix physical movement with music and use film especially cartoons. I succesfully use Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat and specific teaching with Big Muzzy. Get them to draw and paint gradually getting them to do it from instructions in English. With a lot of patience get them to copy what you say. You can also use flash cards, especially if they made them themselves. Then you bring them up ocasionally to recall the word or phrase it represents. Google all over the internet to get ideas!!

Happy teaching!
Hi I am Zayka. I am very happy that I read your advise because I have just started working as an English teacher. At the moment I am a teachers aide. Last few weeks it has been hard enough but my boss told me today that from next week I am going to work in a nursery teaching english to 5 year olds. Tommorow he wants me to show him my lesson plan and practice in front of him. I don't have any idea what to do but I am going to try your method. Thank you
Do you mind giving me tips on when I should start teaching them the letters and how?
Thank you again.
Emotion: smile take your time with him. do it step by step
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