I have been teaching English for almost 10 years.
However, this year I have to teach two adults who are dealing with the English language for the first time. They know absolutely nothing (not even the alphabet). My problem is that I can't find material since all that I found was addressed to young learners and not to adults.
How can I help them learn some basic skills (such as speaking and writing) without making our lesson boring?
Thank you for your help
Use games. Even adults like to play. There's nothing better than seeing top executives laughing and trying to cheat in order to win a game.
With the alphabet, print the letters of the alphabet (capitals and lowercase) onto coloured cards. Mix them up and place them face down on the table. They need to find the pairs. First get them to match the capital letter with the lowercase letter. Trying to visually remember each letter is helps with the (memory) retention of the letter form. With each letter that is turned over, get the student to pronounce the it.
Hangman is another way of learning the alphabet. But every time they give you a letter, they should try to think of an example of a word that begins with that letter e.g. if they want to say the letter B, they could say 'B as in Book' (this is to avoid especially with the vowels A, E and I.
Though first of all, I would try to use the communicative approach and get them to speak before you start with the writing and the alphabet. By speaking I mean the basics like introductions etc.
When students learn how to write their own name in another script, that is, in English, they are over the moon. That is another point you could start with, the letters in their names.
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First of all let me thank you for your reply. It's been a great help and I do appreciate it.
I will use these games for the alphabet and as for the speaking I will start with the basic things such as greetings, general responses and things like that.
Once again thank you!
Here I am again. Does anyone know any Internet sites where I can download teaching material for my adult students?
Woody, so you reckon that adults are the best cheaters in the world?
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Hi Eva,

You can try www.onestopenglish.com or owl.english.perdue.edu!
Thank you alexanndra I will try it Emotion: smile
I'll try that too later.
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