It was only his second (teaching) class so he does not know yet if he likes it or not. ---I'm trying to say that he taught for the second time only and does not know yet whether he likes it or not.
It was only the second class he has taught so he does not know . . .

It would be better to start a new thread than add your question to a thread from 2008.

I don't know what "CA class" is, but I'm guessing that you mean "I'm going to CA class for the first time. So I'm very frightened (or I'm very much afraid)."
AnonymousHow to introduce myself
Well, as I said before I don't know what kind of situation "CA class" involves. Normally you would introduce yourself by saying "Hello. My name is _____." What else do you think might be needed? You could say something like "Hello, I'm ___. This is my first time here."
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Thanks Clive!
I'm going to CA class in the 1st time. So, i'm very fear .
How to introduce myself
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