I have recently taken up an offer to teach public service workers on part time basis. I have a full time job, I accepted the offer just to help out, in a way. I have been in PR for 12 years, communications be it written or spoken, is something so easy for me as the profession requires - being educated in the USA, I was back for good some 15 years ago.
Obviously, I opted to teach the most prominent class - no.1 from behind, the best among the worst. No doubt, they're very hardworking and eager to learn. The problem is that their foundations in English is far too weak. They can't even build a simple sentence - the structure goes haywire, they simply couldn't identify nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs - let alone, communicating ??? I was very enthusiastic at first, now I am losing it. Please shed me some lights on how to handle this, I want them to improve.

Frustrated Professional, Malaysia
I believe there is a way to teach through the practical approach starting with conversation. After all we started speaking first and then we learnt grammar. In fact grammar was written later. A certain amount of memorising expressions will be involve. Like Copy and paste.

I teach communicative English to weak students and I havegot fairly good result following the technique. I shall be interesested to communicatefurther on receiving response.
dear sir / madam

actually im intersted in the techniques you followed .........................


adel ababneh
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Hi Dipak

I am also teaching English to adults. Found your suggestions interesting. Currently I am using conversations (written scripts) to teach. I am interested in communicating further with you in this regard.

Reply if interested.