Hello every body. I am fary and an english teacher from Iran. I would like to improve my Englis in any aspect. I think I am not a good teacher because Iam weak in pronunciation.But now I have a question and a request.
question: what's the diferrence between fun and funny as adjectives?
reqest: I need a sample lesson plan and how can I improve my English?
Hi, onlyme, and welcome to the forum.

FUN - An activity is fun. It is something that you enjoy doing.
For example: Playing a game is fun. Riding a bike is fun. Kicking a ball is fun.

FUNNY - is when something makes you laugh, giggle or smile.

For example: A person with painted red hair looks funny. A clown is funny to a child. I think it is funny when people act silly and they think no one is watching.

Hope that helps a little.
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