Hello, I am a 16 year old American who would like to help someone learn English. I have no professional teaching methods and I don't even have a webcam or microphone to talk to you, but I will write back and forth with you in e-mails to help you practice your English. I wouldn't be able to help a person with no English understanding because I'm not fluent in any other languages, I only know a bit of Spanish. I will help you improve your vocabulary. I hope I can help somebody and I hope I can do some good in a person's life.
thank you soooo much for your offer. i would be very happy if i speak English fluently. i'm alyaqine and i'm 23 years old. please tell me more about yourself.
Hello, I am a 16 years old Algerian. we can say I'm good in English but I wanna improve my english to be able to speak it fluently.
Could you help me please ?