Working content:

  1. teaching kids English
  2. 40hours per week includingoffice time ,prepare the teaching plan and materials for every class
  3. Occasional attendance for some special activities,and some participation in professional development opportunity,such as training,meeting etc.
  4. Greetings to students and parents in the morning and goodbye the kids after the day work.

Class Schedue: Monday to Friday 9:00am –6:00pm

Class Size :about 20 kids /Class

Age Group :3-6 years old


  1. Native speaker with good accent.
  2. Experience of teaching children.
  3. Passion on teaching and patience with kids.
  4. With good understanding of class curriculum and class activities design; good skills of controlling the classroom of young kids.

Salary:12000—18000yuan/month(depending on Work experience and qualifications)



Visa support

Medical insurance

Paid Holiday Emotion: stick out tongueublic Chinese Holiday&10 days Christamas Festival

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