Hello there.

I'm an independant english tutor and I have a student who suffered a sort of stroke about 15 years ago. At the time the doctors said he'd never speak again, walk again and he'd be lucky to learn to recognise people from his past. He has managed to do all this and more and only appears to be slightly handicapped, but he is handicapped. He wants to learn to speak English and he's very determined. Does anyone know if I'll be wasting his time trying to teach him? Any opinions on the matter? Any tips?

It sounds to me like he is in the best position to decide what is best for himself.

And just the process of trying to learn a language would probably be beneficial to him.

He can't just resign from life, can he?

Good luck, Clive
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EmmeladelynAny opinions on the matter? Any tips?
I'm not a teacher but from your description of the progress your potential student has made it sounds to me like he would be a very good candidate for learning English or anything else he sets his mind to.
Agree with the group. Though I am not a teacher, but feels like if one is determined enough to do something he would anyways. Just need a bit impetus and may be he do wonders. Try it!!

Thanks everyone. You've reassured me. I suppose I believe that my student can improve his English, I just know it'll be really painstakingly slow and hard work. Perhaps I'm too used to being paid for results and in this case I'm being paid for minute results.
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