I am a teacher in AUstria and WOnder if any one has any opinions on the main differences between teaching English in Germany and teaching English in AUstria. Please respond with any ideas.
Dear iam interesting in austria would please inform me about tefl courses at reasonable price in austria i will be thankful .kind regards. Murtada
Most likely dialect!
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yes I feel there would be many different issues...the dialect for a start but also the whole way of thinking is different......dealing with acompletely different land, different issues etc. i would relly like to teach in Austria...any ideas?

Perhaps we can help one another. I am a tefl experienced teacher but have not been to Germany because I have head that Germany takesa cosiderable amount of your pay .. nearly 25 per cent.. for purposes of medical insurance,l tax and some other excuse which I cannot reecall! I believe there ios a big demand though for tefl teachers there in many major cities.

Now perhaps you can help me as my daughter is getting married in Austria... my interest is both in learning German by living in Austria and in teaching English in Austria. What kind of vacanciesare there please and in which towns or cities. My main experience in tefl has been in Japan (winderful) and in UK (not wonderful)

Kind regards, David Lyons

I am a man and I am looking for a English teaching job in Austria preferably in Wien ( Vienna ) for a minium of one year. I do not have any English teaching certificates but I have command over excellent spoken and written English. All through my student life I studied in the best of English medium schools in India and I am a lawyer for the last thirty years in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad , India.

Can you help me.


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