Volunteer English Teacher Required
GEVU volunteer English teacher scheme

Global Educational Volunteers Union are currently running a scheme helping Chinese schools with their English teaching problem. Since most of our partner schools in China have only limited resource, they cannot afford the high cost of hiring a professional English teacher. Thus they are expecting volunteer teachers to share their love and knowledge with them.

As a volunteer, you will benefit from the scheme. That is, if you are a inexperienced teacher or who is willing to walk into a new career but cannot find a paid job, this is a good chance to have a overseas teaching/working experience and an excellent preparation for your future career. If you just want to learn a different culture or simply want to have a gap year travel or stay in China, this is also an opportunity for you. You will have different schools to choose, from various locations in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin, Xian, Tibet etc and we promise our schools will offer you free accommodation and food, local culture training, some richer schools even offer reimbursement on air tickets. Furthermore if you have any problems during your contract period our 24 hours English/Chinese hotline service is there to help.

We expect our volunteers' first language to be English. Also we would like our volunteers to be confident and enthusiastic with a positive attitude and have the ability to adapt to, understand and respect different cultures and values. A formal degree and qualifications are preferred but not necessary.

According to the cost of the scheme, such as network maintenance, hiring staff, 24 hours hotline service, communication, interview etc, a small amount of fees will be charged only if the application is successful.

If you are interested in this scheme and would like to help our schools, please send your CV, passport, photo, degree and any qualifications to the email address (Email removed, please add it to your profile) You can also write to me or browse our website at http://www.gevu.org / if you have any inquiry about the scheme or GEVU.

NB: We would like to get your permission for putting your personal details
in our database, and also a part of this information including age,
nationality, certificates and CV will be published in our web site for the
conveniences of our partner schools. If you cannot authorize this to be
done, we are afraid that we will not be able to deliver your information
and our services. Please write to me and confirm your permission!

Shu Wang
GEVU Internet Group
(Email removed, please add it to your profile)
This scheme is your goverment project or your corporation but it is very efficient project Thus you spent low money and every year the number of tourist are growing incredibly so this budget lose anything your growing to leader is seeing very well but these ways to this aim are understanding Maybe I admire yours afresh
Sincerely from Turkey to atomics men
I would advise anyone against applying for a voluntary position in China.

The reasons are simple. The economy in that country is going well and there is money about; English schools are thriving. Meanwhile English teachers are paid very poorly and every single volunteer who goes over there means that a qualified and professional English teacher loses out on a job.

By all means volunteer to teach in a country which cannot afford to pay English teachers, but going to China to volunteer means you are taking a job out of the hands of someone who may well need it and in the long run benefiting ONLY the school owner who pays nothing to have you.

It's a rip off if you ask me.
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I live in Mexico and I also can teach Spanish (another good market for China!)

I admire your effort on teaching English to your countrymen in China;it`s something to consider ;nobody has the

any doubt on the fact that China is going up and higher,you have the chance to pay and not only to invite volunteers

If you want some teachers you have to pay for them .Can you imagine the amount of money you are saving with this project?

A lot! Send out some real offers and you will earn a big profit with it!

I've been teaching French , Spanish and even English here in Poland since some years....

Volunteer programs are running always under organizations and not under privat small companies since that is ilegal even in China

A proper volunteer program always give something in exchange like food , hosting and CERTIFICATES and not only the promes of experience

Be aware guys that if you go under this "underground" projects nobody will help you if you have a difficul situation ( always happen something)

If you guys want to travel to Chiina and tech "freelancing" you can do it , it's legal to teach without work visa, please ak to your closer Chineese embassy
I am going to retire in the year 2010, I will be 58 years young & would like to teach & reside in China.
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Dear Shu Wang,

Your volunteer English teaching `program` sounds interesting. However, you should avoid using the word `scheme`. It has negative connotations. A person should not put their trust in a `scheme`.

Good luck with your program.


Patrick J. deSilva
Hello Ms. Wang,

I hope you are not my employer in Panjin who doesn't treat us well, whom did not pay us and leave us in Jinan. You know i really feel bad in China, it is a cursed place i don't want to go anymore.

Tp everybody who wishes to work in CHina, please do not go. Chinese Employer are very bad. They will give you food which you will eat for 3 days consecutive meal.

But i like my student in Panjin, and i miss them so much. But you know Ms. Wang and Mr. Yangtuo does not treat us well. They only think about how they get money from their student.

Thats all i can say.

I am happy to read your letter posted here on this site! that's why when i read it all, i was touched and got interest on it. In fact i saved all the email add posted here. Its my pleasure to be a volunteer, and who knows? this will be my steping stone to have a green pasure in life! and also to enhance my teaching skills.

Anyways, am an education student of a certain university here in Philippines. Will be graduating soon March 2008 hope we could still keep in touch

I am GRETCHEN SARASPE,female, 19 years old and i was an assistant for 2 years here in our kindergartenin HOLY NAME UIVERSITY

thanks ! and more power!
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