Hi there,

have spent ages browsing for info on this but not getting anywhere at all!!

I`m a highly qualified EFL teacher with lots of experience, desperate to get a job in Cuba to perfect my Spanish (and salsa-dancing) CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP??!!

Thanks a lot.

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I think we have the same hopes, dreams and aims. I also dance salsa, earlier I was dancing Cha-cha and SAmba. I teach English and Russian in Europe and I would like to - or I really-really want to - settle over to Cuba!!! I've just read your message. I cannot answer you now, I only would like to ask you if you can see any solutions for getting a job there please share it with me. I can promise you to do the same in case I receive any information.


I just got my TESL diploma and I am very interested in traveling to Cuba. I have 2 years of experience teaching ESL and I would love any information on finding a job there!
-Farah Arece
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Yes! Most definitely! My daughter is 1/2 Cuban, and spent some time there for the first time this last summer (She's 11 years old). She wants to go back, and I've been wanting to go for ages as well, both because of her, and because I am a salsera, always eager and desirous of learning more! We both speak (weak) Spanish. I have a BA and almost got my TESL certificate (one class short: totally ran out of money). Any information you could provide would be appreciated, especially if it were just a summer program, but longer would also be considered.

Muchas gracias,

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Hi my name is dominique williams, i am 13 years old and my dream is to teach in cuba as it is such a beautiful country i feel that all the attention and education is

given to tourists and i would like to help children and adults of the country. I especially like havana in cuba and that is were i would really like to work. It is such a shame that cuba is quite a poor country as the cuban people are so kind and nice to everybody. I am english and would preffferably like to teach english or even spainish in cuba as i will be taking a gcse and a- lecel in both languages. I dont have a age group that i would like to teach i dont mind teavhing liitle children or full grown adults. I reason why i am writting this is because i just want to prepare for my future as this is what i really want to do and i would like a good job. I would be really grateful if somebody could help me out and give me some advice as this is really important to me and i wouls like to prepare in advance. Thankyou so much x
Three of us from Australia are heading over to Cuba in early March 2009. We have all just finished an ESL course and we are professionals in the health area but we have no luck in locating places to teach there. We are just going to try our luck at the university in Havana and exchange English lessons for salsa dancing lessons....if that's possible. I guess we are just going to take the risk and see what happens. I'm sure one can create "the need" rather than plug into something already existing, if you know what I mean.Hope to see other like minded souls over there. In 1993 four of us took a similar chance in Albania and it has resulted in a life long link with that country.
Best of luck.....maybe see you over there
Julia from Queensland
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I was in Cuba for a holiday and looked at the possibility of working there. For reasons you can imagine English isn't huge in Cuba. They have a great education system with some of the highest literacy rates in the world. The second language of choice at the moment is Italian as they have forged some strong economical links with the 'boot'

If you get a chance to go there - Don't miss it !
Hi Joanna,

I am interested in knowing more about your credentials, and relaying the information to my sister, who may be able to facilitate you in meeting your goals. You may be also able to facilitate you. Do you have a resume that I can send her? Thanks,

I am interested in teaching English in Cuba as well. I have been teaching English at the community colleges here in north Texas. Do you think your sister is still facilitating for teachers? I can send you my CV.
Thanks so much!
Carey Hix
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yes. i am interested in teaching ESl in cuba. I have studies salsa at the ISA in Miramar. I would love to teach ESL there and cont to study dance. I have taught esl for 20 years and am bilingual in spanish...also speak french, haitian creole and cape verbena creole.

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