Hi there,

have spent ages browsing for info on this but not getting anywhere at all!!

I`m a highly qualified EFL teacher with lots of experience, desperate to get a job in Cuba to perfect my Spanish (and salsa-dancing) CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP??!!

Thanks a lot.

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Catching a plane and getting a trip around Cuba seems like the nicest idea ever. There are thousands of people here who devote themselves to training and tuturing foreigners in Spanish.Tuition fees are pretty low, and opportunities to speak Spanish are just around every corner. In fact, I'm quite certain some people would help you for free, u see, many of my students are eager to polish and practice their English, it could be like a deal for them. All you have to do is to make up your mind, gather your stuff, and get on a plane. Plus, why not visiting a totally lost-in-time culture?

Prof. Medina
Department of Foreign Languages
Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas de Cienfuegos
Greetings Comrade,

I wish to teach English in Cuba. I have served the United Nations as an editor, and currently completing graduate studies in London, UK. I wish to teach English to my fellow Cuban comrades, regardless what it might gain me monetary; my respect for the the Cuban people is foremost in aspirations to help this country. Any information you can provide will be appreciated. Please email me at jEmail Removed

warm regards...
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I love your lost in time culture.. I wish there were more like yours left in the world... modern culture has robbed us of so much in the way of community and family and Cuba, I know from my visits there, has something very precioso that the rest of the world can learn to remember from.

I am planning on returning to Cuba this fall for further studies for my project, and I would love to teach English while I am there.

Please advise.
Do you have some insight into finding volunteer teaching work in Cuba?
I would love to live and work in havana. Help?

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Hi I am Canadian with 33 years of experience in teaching ESL. I was hoping to go there next winter and do some teaching. I lived in Italy for 25 years where I taught in various schools. I moved home 10 years ago and have been teaching online since. I am TEFL Certified with a Canadian Degree.
I ve been there 4 times already and would like to know if anyone can send me in some direction!!
Before you teach English, I suggest you get TESL certification and work on your own writing. Being a native speaker of English does not qualify you to teach the language.
Hi I am very interested!
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i have been considering this and would like to give it a try. Teaching English has always been a passion of mine.
Made you able to help?
Thank you
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