Hello, everyone!

I just recenlty came back from a trip to Cuba and really loved the country. I am currently enrolled in the Concurrent Education Program in Canada and I was just inquiring about the various teaching opportunties that are available to me after I finish my degree, or even for a summer position. If anyone has any information about this please feel free to contact me at <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>

I am very interested within this area of teaching!

M Strachan
Dear M Strachan

Im not sure what you are asking in your email, but if its not what Im asking...can I enquire how can teachers find work or schools in Cuba to contact with the hopes of finding some employment, even if it is for as little as 1 month. I am British, living in London but I know most teachers in Cuba have been from Canada. Do you have any suggestions? Cheers


Dear Jonny

I'm a teacher from South Africa who would LOVE to go to Cuba, preferably short term. Did you have any response to your mail?

If you have any information would you mind passing it on.


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Hey Strachan,

I wanat to go to Havana, cuba to teach English for about one year. Do you have any e-mail addresses, contacts or anything that might help me? I have the TEFL Certificate from Prague. Thank you a lot!!

Have a nice day,

Dear All,
I'm inspired by you guys who would LOVE to go to Cuba,
I also want to join the party.preferably short term.
If you have any information would you mind passing it on.