Hi there,

have spent ages browsing for info on this but not getting anywhere at all!!

I`m a highly qualified EFL teacher with lots of experience, desperate to get a job in Cuba to perfect my Spanish (and salsa-dancing) CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP??!!

Thanks a lot.

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There's some brief information here:


but there's very little on Cuba on the net in general and few jobs advertised. Perhaps a trip over there on holiday to check out some schools and see what goes on?
This is probably the most useful info i found yet: http://www.do-it.org.uk/youthnet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=455&a=10458

I'm also on the trail to work in Cuba, study salsa and Cuban percussion. Good Luck
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If anyone is interested in teaching English in Cuba please respond to (email removed, please add it to your profile)
Hi Craig!

Have you had any luck finding work in Cuba? Im an English teacher and would also love to study salsa but its so hard to find any work. If you've got any advice or have heard of any schools looking for english teachers i'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know.


hi i dont know your name but mine is emma. im desperate to find out about teaching english in cuba, or at least somewhere somewhat hispanic and have a love for salsa too. its so uplifting. i dont have the teaching training you have and i have looked into the jet scheme, nova and yours too. its hard to discipher which is the best to go for. out of interest have you been to cuba ?

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I am the director of a language school in poland ,and looking for a change.Cuba sounds ideal.any info please.Peter dowell
Me too. Well, actually just started looking. I know that Cuban teacher's themselves teach English. Knowing their system / economy I don't know if there are such jobs. Maybe volunteer position. I have friends in Cuba and have asked them also, but no luck yet.

I am a Cuban American professional educator of special needs children. I am looking for contacts to employment including volunteer work, not interested in paying for an experience though! I am hoping to enter a University program to complete certification in PT, currently I seek work as a personal care asistant and physio rehab specilaist, most willing to teach English and facilitate travel to and within Cuba. I am a mature physically adept woman (40) with much spirit and energy. Interest in arts music and all cultures, well spoken with great sense of humor. Non- smoker, competent in all health care issues, skilled in communication and also non-profit work. I would be very interested in speaking to anyone about possible ongoing or temporary opportunies. I have an unusual background and can add a diverse perspective, please contact me with with any ideas or information.

Thank you! Joanna Crell Email Removed">
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