Hi, can anyone tell me if they successfully teach online and earn an income from this.

I am looking to teach online, I am a qualified teacher, I have the TEFL qualification and have worked as an English Teacher in Tunisia, teaching students from Beginners English up to Advanced level.

I am from England but currently reside in Tunisia and looking for any advice on how to teach online or privately, how I can charge for teaching although I am not looking to charge excessively for teaching English.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Good question, Kelly. Emotion: smile

Hi thanks for your reply Clive, it seems that all the teachers who are successful in tutoring online wish to keep it a secret Emotion: whisper

I am in the process of creating a website to offer English lessons online via MSN messenger, so if there are any students that would be interested in learning English via MSN Messenger please feel free to contact me for more information.
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How do I know if u are a good teacher. Please prove that by posting something here. If u r good, I will be your first student. I will ask my Mom to register your class. I have been learning English for 14 years but i think my vocabularies is not good enough to apply for some companies in my country. I have been training in many courses in Bristish Council and Appolo but it is not still help me much to improve my poor English. Give me some good advice to raise my English level. Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Hi Son,

Thank you for your interest, it appears you do have a very good knowledge of the English language.

As I said before I am TEFL and TEYL qualified, I was working at The European College in Tunisia teaching English as a Foreign Language to a wide range of students from Beginners Level to Advanced Level, I was also tutoring on a one to one basis for Grammar and Pronounciation enhancement.

I am creating my website at the moment to offer my lessons online and also a student chatroom so you can practice your english with fellow students.

Before students begin lessons they will be given a placement test for me to see what level they are at, and assess all the students needs, the concept of learning English online is for the student to choose their lessons and what they want to achieve from the lessons.

With regards


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Yes you can see my contact information in my profile and feel free to contact me with any further concerns or questions.


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With thanks

Yes Yes and YES!

I love my own creation of teaching English lessons online, BUT, it was a long process to create the website and market the website. If you are only musing about it now, let it simmer until it is a full blown drive to do it. It will sustain you when times are tough!

Feel free to glance at my profile and see what I do~~ I love my students AND my job.

Scarlett Orork Obrien
so teach me,please my e-mail is : Email Removed
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