Hi!, I'm Ana from Mexico and I'd like to know what can I do to tEACH English to my baby she's 16 moths but I'm really keen on that.

She doesn´t speak Spanish yet but I've read that the sooner the better,I've tried to tell her somethings like things names in English but the suddenly I realise that I'm speaking in Spanish. we 're so used to that´s difficult for me to change my brain.

Also I play her pooh movies in English and my friends say that she's not understanding anything but I think itcoulb be good for her just listen another language.

Please give me some tips to do it better.
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UPDATE: Teach your baby to read
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In my opinion, the earlier you start, the better. Switching the language later can actually be more confusing for the child, because it already got used to a person speaking to him/her in a different one. Hence the best way is to follow the traditional way of bilingual pairs: each of the parents uses different language consistently. It also helps, if you talk to your partner in the same language.

As for the strange (phony, unnatural, whatever you want to call it) feeling when not using your mother tongue, it actually works similarly for the adult as it does for the child: you somehow switch more or less automagically when talking to the child, especially when you start as soon, as it is born. The only thing you have to get over if you're not a native speaker is that you won't be able to express yourself perfectly and with all the finesses of the language. Which can be both frustrating and challenging, depending on your determination, willingness and time to learn at parental age.