I am writing on behalf of the Xian Universal Business & English Training College. The college is a new building located in the beautiful ChangLe Park in Xian. The park is a self contained spot near the centre of the city. It boasts excellent access to the rest of Xi'an whilst being secluded enough to avoid the noise, hustle and bustle. There are shops and restuarants in walking distance should you decide to leave the park at any point as well as an internet bar, banks and markets. It is truly a wonderful spot.

We are currently looking for people to fill vacancies of the following description: Foreign Teachers and Senior Teachers. The vacancies have arisen due to the fact that the college is completely new and is about to enter its first year. This is a wonderful opportunity to start "from scratch" and we hope that some of you here will be willing to join us. The college itself can boast state-of-the-art equipment, wonderful surroundings and new, purpose built, accomodation. For more details and or photos, feel free to email. Below you will find the details of the job:

What we need:

Foreigh Teachers must

*be at least 19 years of age

*have obtained either 2 A-Levels grade C or above, or an equivalent qualificatio such as a BTEC.

*have a valid UK passport

*speak english as their first language

Senior Teachers must

*be at least 25 years of age

*have a degree and a teaching qualification of some sort. Please note, it is not necessary to have a dedicated foreign teaching qualification, such as a TEFL, although it is preferable.

*have at least 1 years teaching experience

*have a valid UK passport

Pay and benefits:

All contracts are one year.

Foreign teachers are entitled to a wage of 2,200 Yuan RMB paid, regularly, each month.

Senior Teachers are entitled to a wage of 4,000 Yuan RMB paid, regularly, each month.

All teachers will recieve a return Air-Fare on completion of their service.

The college will provide all teachers with the following: 3 meals a day, served at the local canteen. Accomodation consisting of a bedroom with 2 beds (teachers may be asked to share), a bathroom with shower (in every room), a telephone (in every room), Air conditioning (in every room), a TV and DVD player (in every room), a fridge-freezer, a microwave and the internet (in every room).

All teachers are entitled to the following holidays: 7 continuous days in May, 7 continuous days in October, 20 days in Summer, 20 days in Winter, 7 days for the Chinese Spring Festival and 3 days for Christmas.

The college will supply travel around China.

Terms and Conditions:

All applicants must have a UK passport.

Working hours are according to specific work and lessons. The days are from Monday till Friday. There may be times where some teachers are required to work on special occassions, say the anniversary of the college or any special promotional work. In the event of this the employee is to be given day(s) off or to be paid.

The cost of local phone calls in Xi'an is 0.2 Yuan RMB per minute. Internal calls are free. International calls must be paid for via the use of International Dialing cards.

The college will process the work VISA and medical upon arrival in Xi'an. This will be paid for by the teacher and will be deducted from the first months wages. Speaking from experience, this is no big thing. The cost of living in Xi'an is low and i still have money to spare after my first month.

The teacher will have to pay for their own, original, 30 day VISA in order to enter China. Upon arrival produce the receipt and the college will reimburse the cost, in full.

The college will help all teachers obtain insurance and will process it internally. The cost is to be paid by the teacher and is to the sum of 400 Yuan RMB.The insurance covers accident, injury, serious maiming, burns, death, medical costs and hospitilization benefit.

There is an internet bar locally which can be used by the teachers. Alternatively, each room has an internet connection. The college recommends that you bring a laptop or purchase on here. If needed you can ask for assistance in finding one and you can usually buy a reasonable laptop for about 4,000-5,000 Yuan RMB depending on your specification.

A notice:

We are well aware of scammers using Chinese job advertisements in order to secure photocopies of passports and qualifications. For this reason, we will not ask you to send these photocopies with the initial application. Instead we ask for a CV and, if possible, a photo. You wil be contacted soon and will be free to ask any questions you want aboutthe job, the college or Xi'an. You will then need to provide proof of qualifications and such.

Also, the jobs need to be filled as quickly as possible. All teachers shall be entitled to an orientation period upon arrival. The sooner you can leave, the more time you have to adjust. For that reason we ask that we have no Timewasters. Do not apply if you are not willing to come out in the near future.

On a final note, this is a wonderful job in a wonderful place with wonderful people. This is a new college and has strong ties with the UK. As such, we are doing things differently. We are enforcing an Internal Verification policy and striving for the best possible education for our students. We hope that you feel the same way that we do.

All interested should apply by sending their CV and, if possible, a photo to: <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>

Feel free to ask for photos of the local area and any information you need.

Thanks for your time.


Michael Britten
hi am alice would like to teach enlish and i have visa if anybody is interested please contact me